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Warning: The following Bigfoot jokes are "dumb jokes".  But... they're completely original and I doubt you've heard them before.(unless your friends are the type to google "dumb bigfoot jokes".  If you were looking for more sophisticated bigfoot humor, I'm sorry for wasting your time.

Maybe try one of the other bigfoot jokes websites.

This is just a small sample of my bigfoot joke repertoire.  The posibilities are endless, as you will see.  

Please feel free to retell them and/or make up your own.

It's easy to do once, you get the idea.  

Thanks for visiting and... keep laughing, keep smiling.

How do Bigfoots tell time?

- They look at their sask-watch.

​What's a Yeti's favorite sport?
- Bigfootball

Who is Bigfoot's favorite guitar player?

- Yeti VanHalen

What is Bigfoot's favorite Jimi Hendrix song?
- All Along the Saskwatch-tower.

Where do you take your Bigfoot if he has a drug or alcohol problem?

- The Yeti Ford Clinic

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